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SorterFor nearly a half a century, Hagan Electronics has been the chief innovator and global leader in serving the farming industry with state-of-the-art electronic sizers and graders.

Respected equally for both reliability and unrivaled customer service, Hagan continues to pave the way in providing specialized solutions to a rapidly evolving industry.

Tray-entryHagan develops computerized sizers that measure the dimensions and quality of fruits and vegetables for manufacturing operations. These products are used around the world, and many customers have depended upon the same Hagan machinery for consistent, dependable results for more than 30 years.

The company’s cornerstone product is the Hagan Computerized Slide Ejection Photo Sizer—a versatile, fast, accurate machine that can be programmed to sort and pack various fruits and vegetables by size, shape, and quality. This translates into higher profit margins for manufacturing organizations because they can sell more products at higher prices when they are packaged and presented in an eye-pleasing manner and avoid expensive return shipments due to poor quality.

Key Hagan products that interface with the sizer include an ejection system that carefully distributes produce to the proper stations and an inline X-ray that automatically detects “hollow hearts,” or pockets of decay, in potatoes. The X-ray display shows the total number of scanned products, the total number rejected, and the percentage rejected.

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